How to pasteurize

I am going to report what I found on my Thermomix preserves book:

How to pasteurize:

The jars must be treated with heat to eliminate any microorganisms before being placed in the pantry

The procedure can be carried out with a pot that was specifically built with special precautions or more simply with a common large pot. In this case, the jars must be wrapped with clean dishcloths to prevent them touching each other during the boiling; for more safety, a grid can be placed on the bottom of the pot to keep the vases lifted from it.

The pots should be placed in the pot with the lids facing upwards. The cold water must completely cover the pots and exceed 5 cm the last layer of pots. Boiling times depend on the size of the jars used, the variety of fruit or vegetables and the preparation. Therefore, respect the times indicated by the single recipe (usually 20/30 minutes) and count the minutes from the moment in which the water starts boiling.

Once the heat treatment is finished, let the pots cool in the same boiling water.

When the water is cold, remove the cans with a fork or pliers from the pot and place them upside down on a clean kitchen towel. After a few minutes turn them again with the opening upwards.

How to store:

After the cooling check that the center of the lid has lowered, if it looks flat or curved upwards it is necessary to repeat the pasteurization operation with a new capsule. Jars with the lid down can be dried and labeled.

The conservation, which should not be for more than a year, should be carried out in a cool, clean, dry place protected from light.

Once the jar has been opened, the content must be consumed quickly and stored in the refrigerator.

Before eating the preserve:

Prima di aprire una conserva verificare sempre la tenuta e la concavità del coperchio. E’ necessario buttare qualsiasi vasetto che presenti il coperchio bombato. E ancora, gettare barattolo e contenuto se all’apertura si presentano verdure molli o viscide, bolle d’aria, odori insoliti, tracce di muffe: in presenza di queste condizioni i prodotti non devono neppure essere assaggiati, poiché anche una piccola quantità può essere pericolosa per la salute.

Before opening a preserve, always check the seal and the center of the lid. It is necessary to throw away any jar with a rounded lid. And again, throw away the jar and the contents if soft vegetables, air bubbles, unusual smells, traces of mold appear at the opening. In these cases the products must not even be tasted, since a small quantity can be dangerous to health.

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