Thermomix Apricot Jam

Thermomix recipe 100% made in Italy for apricot jam
Thermomix Apricot Jam

Welcome to the delightful world of homemade jams with your Thermomix! Today, we’re focusing on a sweet and tangy favorite: apricot jam.

Apricot jam is a preserved mixture of apricots, sugar, and sometimes pectin or lemon juice, which helps in gelling. Originating from areas where apricots grow abundantly, this jam is a traditional way to preserve the luscious flavors of apricots throughout the year. Historically, apricot cultivation can be traced back to ancient Armenia, where the fruit was revered for its sweetness and health benefits.

Making apricot jam in your Thermomix is not just about following a recipe; it’s also about mastering a few simple tricks:

  • Quality of Apricots: Always use fresh, perfectly ripe apricots that are firm yet yield slightly to the touch.
  • Correct Sweetness: Balance the sweetness by adjusting the sugar according to the tartness of the apricots.
  • Consistency: For a thicker consistency, add a little pectin or cook the jam for a couple of minutes longer in your Thermomix.

These tips will ensure that your homemade apricot jam retains a perfect balance of flavor and texture, making it a delightful addition to many dishes.

If you love making apricot jam, here’s some great news: your Thermomix can help you create a variety of other jams. Here are a few quick suggestions:

Exploring these recipes will not only broaden your jam-making repertoire but also add delightful flavors to your pantry, ready to enhance any meal or dessert.

Homemade apricot jam made with your Thermomix is a satisfying project with delicious results. Whether you’re spreading it on toast for a comforting breakfast or using it to sweeten a dessert, this apricot jam will not disappoint. Happy jamming!

I leave you with the recipe for the Thermomix apricot jam.

See you for the next recipe!


Thermomix Apricot Jam

Cuisine Italian
Total Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Servings 5


  • 1 kg apricots (possibly organic)
  • 1 lemon
  • 350 gr sugar


  1. Wash and stone the apricots, cut them into pieces and place them in the bowl, add the lemon juice and sugar, cook with the basket placed on the lid instead of the measuring beaker: 40 min. 100° speed 1.

  2. Continue cooking: 10 min. Varoma speed. 1.

  3. Check the cooking by doing the saucer test and if necessary continue for a few minutes at Varoma temperature.

  4. Pot in sterilized jars and pasteurize (how to do it, read here) for 30 minutes.

  5. Store them away from light and moisture.

  6. Once the jars are opened, they should be kept in the fridge… Buon appetito!

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