Thermomix Creamy fava bean pasta

Thermomix recipe 100% made in Italy for Creamy fava bean pasta
Pasta risottata alle fave Bimby
Pasta risottata alle fave Bimby

Discover the simplicity and richness of making Thermomix Creamy Fava Bean Pasta, a comforting and nutritious dish perfect for any day of the week.

With your Thermomix, the preparation of this creamy pasta dish is not only quick but also incredibly delightful.

Creamy Fava Bean Pasta is a lush and satisfying dish made from fava beans, a type of broad bean that is creamy in texture and rich in flavor. This dish combines the soft textures of cooked pasta with a creamy sauce made from pureed fava beans, often enhanced with garlic, olive oil, and parmesan cheese. It’s a fantastic way to incorporate legumes into your diet, offering both protein and fiber.

To ensure your fava bean pasta is delightfully creamy, follow these tips:

  • Quality Fava Beans: Use fresh or well-preserved canned fava beans for the best flavor and texture.
  • Simmer Slowly: Allow the beans to simmer in a bit of broth or water to soften completely before blending.
  • Blend Thoroughly: After cooking, blend the beans until completely smooth. For an even richer texture, add a splash of cream or a dollop of ricotta.
  • Cook Pasta Al Dente: To keep a nice texture contrast, cook your pasta al dente. It will also absorb the creamy sauce better.
  • Season Well: Don’t forget to season with salt, pepper, and possibly a pinch of nutmeg or lemon zest to enhance the creamy sauce.

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Using your Thermomix to prepare these dishes not only saves time but also enhances the flavors and textures of the ingredients, making every meal a delightful experience. Try out these recipes and bring variety and joy to your dining table!

I leave you with the recipe for the Thermomix Creamy fava bean pasta.

See you for the next recipe!


Thermomix Creamy fava bean pasta

Course Main Course
Cuisine Italian
Total Time 40 minutes
Servings 4


  • 400 gr fava beans already cleaned
  • 1 spring onion
  • 20 gr extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 liter water
  • 500 gr vegetable broth (or water + vegetable buillon)
  • 320 gr mixed pasta
  • grated pecorino cheese enough


  1. Put 1 liter of water in the bowl, place the basket with the beans inside, close the lid and cook: 10 min. 100° speed 2 and set aside to cool.

  2. In the empty bowl, place the onion and chop: 5 sec. speed 7.

  3. Gather on the bottom with the help of the spatula and add the oil, fry: 3 min. 100° speed 1.

  4. Add half of the cooked fava beans and blend: 10 sec. speed 7.

  5. Gather on the bottom with the help of the spatula and add the broth, cook: 10 min. 100° speed 1.

  6. Add the pasta and cook: (time indicated on the package) 100° Reverse speed 1.

  7. 5 minutes from the end, add the rest of the fava beans and continue cooking.

  8. Check for salt, plate and serve as desired with grated pecorino cheese… Buon appetito!

Recipe Notes

Halfway through cooking the pasta, I checked the amount of broth left, if everything is absorbed, add more.
If you like, you can add diced bacon to the sauté.

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